Places to Visit in Athens, Greece


Situated under the Acropolis, the beautiful, historic neighborhood of Plaka, is mainly residential area. But still, especially during summer, the array of cafes and restaurants make it crowded with tourists. If you’re looking to bring home some gold jewelry, you can also shop here.

Plaka offers a pleasing atmosphere and a number of shops for both souvenirs and rare finds as most tourists can attest. Travelers recommend visiting one or possibly several of the area’s lively clubs or bars if you’d like to sip a drink once the sun goes down.


The Parthenon is a cultural landmark like no other and a majestic illustration of ancient Greek architecture. It once housed the treasury and at another time served a Christian church. The Parthenon is a must visit the place and candidly highlight of visiting the Acropolis. You’ll reach the Parthenon in central Athens in reach by walking distance of metro stations the Sygrou – Fix, Monastiraki, Acropoli, and Thissio.

Places to Visit in Athens, Greece


It’s this one in central Athens that amass the most noticed while there are many more acropoleis —  in case you’re pondering, the plural of “Acropolis,” — in Greece. Built between 510 and 400 B.C., the site is a raised, flat-topped rock with a variety of monuments and ruins, that includes the Temple of Athena Nike, Parthenon, and the Erechtheion. Learn more about many other acropoleis in Greece.

The hike to the Acropolis is just as unforgettable as the sites it holds as most travelers would say. Many recommend starting your trek in the early morning or late afternoon to avoid peak temperatures and crowds if you’d plan to visit it. Come shortly before sunset for the perfect photos and views.

Acropolis Museum

The Acropolis Museum is situated at the heart of Athens’ Makrigianni district is the home of assorted archaeological findings dug from the Acropolis as its name placed forward. A relief of Athena Nike is included with a number of sculpted statues from Erechtheion and a gallery with different Parthenon artifacts are the primary exhibits.

The Acropolis Museum estate display as the perfect addition to the Acropolis’ ruins as attested by travelers. Most tourists babble about the attraction’s building with a special mention on its glass floors that gives a peek at the ruins situated beneath the building.