Hardwood Floor Health Benefits

If you are like many other Americans today, you want to live in a healthy home. What if you knew the various ways in which you could improve your house and at the same time (not only make your house look good) but increase your longevity and health? Here is a very interesting tip that everyone should consider when renovating their home: Wooden flooring is much healthier than carpet.

When you are creating new plans for your flooring plan in your house it can be very difficult to choose the best option. Epoxy Floors Sarasota. Wooden flooring has a great deal of advantages that are to be considered. First, Carpet is not the same coziness and feel as a good quality wooden floor. Second, you can always put a rug or carpet on TOP of a wooden floor, to give a chique and more modern design/look for your house. Also, do note that while a carpet may cost less, it will have to be replaced several times within the lifetime of the house to ensure a clean and durable carpet to walk and lie on.

There are many disadvantages to carpet though. One disadvantage is the fact that a carpet has to be vacuumed every week. Just when you thought that this was enough work for just a simple housecleaning job, you may want to consider the fact that you are constantly spraying chemicals onto the carpet, as it picks up various pathogens and microbes that may be detrimental to your health. Therefore, you cannot walk with shoes on the carpet as it may attract all the allergens, danders, etc that you are exposed to on a daily scale.

Meanwhile, hardwood flooring is durable, and with a few polishes here and there, it will last you the entire life of the house. Hardwood flooring will also increase the net worth of your house and make it more chique and modern. Wooden floors are also eco friendly and do not cause harm to the environment, and this may say a lot about you when you have the right guests or company visit your house. There are a few disadvantages to hardwood floors, as they cost more than your average carpet and there is less comfort (if you do not lie a rug or carpet on top of the floor). But again, this is the cleaner and safer option. So whatever you choose, know that you should perhaps ask a professional and go with the healthier option!