Food Travel: Greek Style

Being in Greece puts you in time. From being influenced by reading Greek Mythology, one would really want to visit Ancient Olympia, Acropolis or checking out all of the wondrous Archaeological Museums scattered in this country. With vast places to go to, any traveler would like to taste a sample of what country their in has to offer.

Aside from the world famous Greek salad (which you cannot taste only in Greece but anywhere in the world) check out other delicacies Greece has to offer and where to go to taste the best version of Greek food:


A Greek dish usually served wrapped in a flatbread pita, with tomato, onion, and tzatziki sauce, the gyro is made of meat cooked on a vertical rotisserie, traditionally pork, chicken, or lamb, and outside Greece with beef and veal. As early as 1970’s in Athens, gyro are already popular fast food sandwiches.

A Gyro can be identified when its meat is roasted vertically rotating on the spit. With pita bread, slices of gyro are then placed with the sauce (tzatziki), tomatoes, onions, lettuce and often french fries/chips.

Food Travel: Greek Style


Souvlaki is anything grilled on a skewer whether lamb, chicken, pork, or any type of meat available in Greece as Souvlaki means skewer.

Where to dine:

Kalamaki Bar

A contemporary grill restaurant that offers delicious, locally sourced tender grilled meat, salads, and freshly made French fries. Due to their variety of souvlaki (Kalamaki), and uses purely Greek ingredients, this restaurant stands out. Try the lamb or beef variety as it will give you the unique taste. Our friends from Dallas Garage Flooring loved the food they were served.

O Kostas

Located behind the former Ministry of Education building, you can find O Kostas. The restaurant still serves the same successful menu items it always has and in business since 1950, and even with various different of locations. Just a tip: try to drop by before lunch as the venue closes when they run out of meat and to avoid the long lines and make sure to visit before 3 p.m.


Livadia is a souvlatzidiko restaurant famous for its tasty pork souvlaki and the fact that you can get your fill of bread while enjoying your flavorful meal and in operation since 1963. This place is one of the best spots to get your Kalamaki fix if you are nearby Kaningos Square.

Kalamaki Kolonaki

Worry not needed for a pricey bill at this restaurant even if you are in the upscale Kolonaki neighborhood. Lead to go to Kalamaki Kolonaki if you are yearning a souvlaki where you can satisfy your souvlaki cravings in a moment with choices like turkey breast, salmon or even a rib-eye on a skewer.